Posted by: kasiawilk | October 12, 2010

Jambo Everyone :)

Welcome to my Kenya blog!

As part of my commitment to be a change agent and help facilitate the evolution of our collective consciousness I have been embarking on several different projects and this will be my most exciting to date! I have been creating a Foundation for Global Change (, volunteering with Teen Journey as a mentor (, and soon going on a 6 month volunteer mission with CUSO-VSO ( to Kenya! My journey begins on Nov. 2, 2010 and I’m already feeling a mix of emotions and excitement all whirled into a deep appreciation of stepping into the unknown.

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to learn and to serve through a volunteer placement in a developing country. As the world becomes more globally interconnected and accessible, I feel ever more inspired to do this work and bring awareness to the issues and stories of the people I will be working with in Kenya.

I have chosen to volunteer with CUSO-VSO for its unique approach towards creating the vision of a world without poverty in which people work together to fulfill their potential. Unlike other development organizations, CUSO-VSO sends people rather than aid money in order to create sustainable long term solutions that revolve around sharing skills and knowledge which benefit the communities volunteers work with and the partner organizations volunteers are matched with.

I will be working with JHPIEGO (an affiliate of John Hopkins University) partner organization in Kitui, Kenya as a Documentation Advisor within the HIV & AIDS program area plan (PAP). For 35 years, Jhpiego has worked with front-line health workers by designing and implementing effective, low-cost, hands-on solutions to strengthen the delivery of health care services. By putting evidence-based health innovations into everyday practice, Jhpiego works to break down barriers to high-quality health care for the world’s most vulnerable populations.  Please find more information about their work at

HIV/AIDS has severely impacted the health workforce in Kenya leading to widespread attrition due to illness, death, and absenteeism. The workload has increased drastically causing resignations and a general movement away from clinical work. Special interventions are therefore needed to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS on the health sector workforce in different field offices. I am happy to therefore share my skills in research and evaluation to support JHPIEGO in designing innovative approaches in the delivery of health care services and provide indicators of how success and change will be measured through a monitoring and evaluation framework. I especially look forward to working with the communities impacted by HIV/AIDS through direct observations at health facilities, conducting key informant interviews, documenting review, and providing questionnaires in order to collect data on changes in human resource needs. I fully support and am ready to be part of facilitating the overall partnership goal to strengthen the capacity of VSO, JHPIEGO and partners to deliver effective HIV and AIDS programs which have a strong evidence base.  

The Foundation for Global Change is based on 3 principles which I intend to use during my volunteer work overseas for this placement. They are:

1) Connection – I hope to connect cultures by sharing my own culture with Kenyans and bring their cultural richness back home with me as well as share it with all my online visitors and friends – stay tuned for photos and videos!

2) Empowerment – Within the  HIV/AIDS program area plan I will be working with communmity members and other staff within the employer organization to strengthen the capacity of Local Implementing Partners on the ground in delivering health care services for women and their families.

3) Innovation – By putting evidence-based health innovations into everyday practice, JHPIEGO works to break down barriers to high quality healthcare for the world’s most vulnerable populations. I look forward to providing some technical expertise to aid in this process in various JHPIEGO programs such as maternal and child health, HIV, and reproductive health.

I welcome your comments, questions, stories, and photos, and I look forward to taking that first step in a few weeks!

Asante Sana 🙂



  1. I wish you the best of luck in your journey and look forward to following you through this amazing opportunity you are embarking on. I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to meet you and to work with you in the future. Best of luck! Talk soon! 🙂

  2. Kasia, you have been and continue to be an inspiration for Al and I. Thank you for your purposeful action to make the world a better place! We long to visit you in Kenya in 6 months, and we will be with you in spirit on your journey!
    Love and Light,
    Always, Jeanne xo

  3. Kasia, I appreciate all that you are doing for God and His people. Its a noble calling that you’ve already taken up and through all, you will realize that you are doing it for God. I would feel appreciated to show my support,in joining you soon in realizing the humble but great calling through your foundation and founded on the three well thought of pillars. God bless you


  4. keep it up,am encouraged with your volunteering programme

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